I install smoke alarms, all forms of lighting including energy-efficient LED lighting, ceiling fans, bathroom heater fans, kitchen ovens and kitchen, laundry and toilet exhaust fans.

Smoke Alarms

The installation, power supply and location of smoke alarms installed from 1 May 2006 must comply with Australian Standards AS3786. There are also variations in code requirements in different States. Alarms must be installed in suitable positions around the house, such as outside bedrooms. I can provide advice on the most suitable type of smoke alarm as well as the installation according to the Australian Standards.

There are many types of smoke alarms and not all smoke alarms have the same effectiveness and sensitivity. Typical domestic smoke alarms are:

  • ionisation smoke alarms
  • photoelectric smoke alarms
  • combination ionisation/photoelectric alarms

Some require the battery to be replaced yearly and others last for ten years. Some have audible alarms and some have flashing lights or vibrating pillow pads for those hard-of-hearing. I can advise on the best and most appropriate alarm to use and supply and fit alarms to your requirements.


I install all forms of lighting and lights to your requirements.

Energy Efficient LED Lighting

Lighting can cause 30% of a household's electricity bill. With incandescent globes only about 10% of the electricity heating the filament produces useful light and the rest is wasted as heat. LED (light emitting diodes) uses about 15% of the energy of a light-equivalent incandescent globe, and 85% of that electricity produces light.


  • are low-energy
  • have a longer life-span
  • start up with full brightness
  • are dimmable
  • come in a variety of sizes
  • run off low-voltage so they are safer

I can upgrade your existing lighting and install modern LED lighting.

Ceiling Fans and Bathroom Fan Heaters

Ceiling fans can be a cost-effective way to keep cool instead of using an air-conditioner during hot summer days. They are also useful at night to keep cool when in bed, instead of running an air conditioner during those hot summer nights.

Bathroom fans remove moist air from the bathroom and prevent condensation, mildew and fungus building up on the walls and ceiling. A house free of mould and mildew is a healthy house.

I will upgrade or install ceiling and bathroom fans and heaters.

Kitchen, Laundry and Toilet Exhaust Fans

I install and repair exhaust ventilation fans for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and toilets.

Exhaust fans need to be sized for the job and I can advise, provide and install the proper equipment.