General Electrical Repairs

I can advise on the best way to upgrade your meter box and how to make the wiring safe in your home.

Barry's Electrical can fault-find and repair electrical faults that occur in a range of electrical appliances such power points and switches, lights, smoke alarms, fans, door bells, air-conditioning and hot water systems. I can also help you with your house renovations; installing wiring, lights and power points.

Many old homes have aged wiring with crumbly insulation and obsolete meter box switchboards. In those switchboards, there is always the chance that the return or neutral in the switchboard has a poor contact, causing the current to be returned through to the earth. This can lead to tingly taps when you are in the shower with the possibility of fatal shocks. If tingles occur when touching taps you must ring your electricity utility for an emergency call-out.

Old wiring under excessive load can cause fires.

Old meter boxes contain wire fuses or circuit breakers. The modern method is to use safety switches that monitor the return current against the active current. Where the active and neutral currents are not equal the safety switch can turn the power off quickly enough to help save your life and prevent fire or damage.

Older homes were not wired for the current loads from modern appliances. Houses were wired to cope with an electric heater, refrigerator, oven, washing machine, dishwasher, some power points and lights. These days there are also air-conditioners, computers, dryers, stereos, large televisions, microwave ovens, home theatres with many more pieces of electrical equipment adding to the load.

It is important that you have your house checked and made safe.