Turramurra and South Turramurra

image of an IXL Tastic switch installed in a bathroom at South Turramurra

I was called to a house in South Turramurra where the bathroom light switch was playing up. It had failed on and the bathroom light would not turn off. I replaced the switch, rewired it and tested it.

When the house had been built, the way it was done, the original wiring on the switch was not safe so I made it safe. A few days later, the owner asked me to call back because the bathroom fan had stopped working. I tested the fan and found it was faulty. The fan was also clogged with deodorant powder which would not have helped.

image of an IXL Tastic light, heat and exhaust fan module installed in a bathroom at South Turramurra

Bathroom fans have a life of around 10 years and this one was about 10 years old so it needed to be replaced. I called back a few days later and replaced the fan with an IXL Tastic. IXL Tastics provide heat, venting and light. It is important to vent shower steam from a bathroom to prevent condensation that allows mould growth on the ceiling and walls. IXL is Australian owned and their products are made in a factory in Geelong, Melbourne so you know that they follow Australian Standards.

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